On May 29th, Haitian Vietnam celebrated its Open Day in its plant at Binh Duong of Vietnam, which had been attended by more than 300 local customers and guests.

The Open Day lasted for one day and started with a welcome address by Mr. Le Andun, the general manager of Haitian Huayuan (Vietnam) Machinery Co., Ltd. In his opening speech, Mr. Le expressed his sincere gratitude to the long-term support and trust from local government, customers and partners. He also reviewed the remarkable development of Haitian International in recent years, the philosophy and value shared by Haitian and the latest development in the industry and the company.

In the afternoon section, Mr. Mei Quanlong, manager of the Application Department of Haitian Huayuan, introduced to the visitors about Haitian’s latest development in products and technologies, and Haitian’s approach toward “Industry 4.0” as well, which had all been developed with the target to provide technology to the point, which can re, to share the development status of IMM industry with the guests, combining practical cases to highlight the dramatic changes brought to the company by the upgrade with automated and intelligent production as symbols.

During this open house, the visitors were able to witness the latest technologies and most popular products from Haitian International which can meet the specific demand of the local market in a very good way. They were also offered a chance to see Haitian’s concept for an “Unmanned Factory” with good integration of the latest smart solution offered by Haitian as well.
It had been the first time for many visitors to participate into the open house event and they were very curious about the latest technologies as well as the smart solutions as demonstrated in the plant of Haitian Vietnam. Many guests spared a long time standing in front of certain machines and was listening very carefully to catch every point about the technical highlights as explained by the local employees from Haitian Vietnam.

A Chinese customer who invested into a factory in Vietnam came along to this open house even and he said proudly that “as a Chinese, I have always been a big fan of Chinese products. For instance, I use Huawei mobile phone, Gree air conditioner and so on. For injection molding machines, Haitian has always been my primary choice! Communication with Huayuan Vietnam in past years has been very smooth and I’m so convinced that it is such a first class brand, not only in terms of their production scale, but more importantly, their capability of technical innovation and incredible service throughout the pre-sale and after sale procedures. This open house was so amazing and again convincing for us, which shows the true strength of Haitian in a very positive way!”

About Huayuan Vietnam

Commissioned in 2010, Haitian Huayuan (Vietnam) Machinery Co., Ltd., has witnessed 8 years of steady development. Currenly, the company has more than 60 employees, spreading over various regions of Vietnam. The company is located in Binh Duong as its main center, and has further established four sales & service centers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong and Dong Nai. Every sales & service center has individual service system and spare parts warehouse, so as to provide highly efficient service to customers with high quality.