Haitian Mars IIs Series

Upgrade of the world’s best-selling machine

Discover the new features of the world’s best-selling injection molding machine! Mars IIS Series brings optimized core technology of the next machine generation from the get-go: high-efficiency injection unit, high-precision control, high-standard drive system, and a durable clamping system; all guaranteed to give even greater quality and efficiency of production.

Changes from Mars II include the screws and cylinders, whose design has been upgraded (shorter screws, longer screw tips).

There are important upgrades in the system pressure and injection unit. In addition, the oil tanks on the MA IIS have been downsized in order to lower the consumption costs and increase eco-friendliness.

Now upgraded for higher efficiency, precision, stability, and reliability

  • Clamping force increased with the new FAP frame structure (60-250 t)
  • Optimized toggle for mold close movement
  • New injection-unit linear guide for more stability and less friction
  • Swivel-out injection unit for faster screw exchange
  • Optimized injection unit achieves higher pressures
  • Standardized interior design of the MA IIS and the eco version works towards even shorter delivery times
  • Optimized central lubrication with oil
  • Improved V4 software
  • For big 2885 controller with 15” touchscreen as standard
  • Now also available for smaller 1080 controller with 12” as standard
  • Built-in oil cooler improves optics
  • Greater oil cleanliness from modified oil filter system
  • System pressure increased from 160 to 200 bar
  • New high-pressure pump, some models also with increased drive capacities
  • Increased pressure resistance with improved pipe fittings (ISO Standard)
  • Less oil consumption because of upgrades to the hydraulics system

Since their market launch more than 230,000 Mars units have already been delivered worldwide. The success story continues with the latest upgrade. The plug & play version for 70 % of all standard applications is available in clamping forces from 600 up to 10,000 kN.