Haitian International Holdings Ltd.

Facts & Figures

Still in 2022, the global economy was impacted by the Covid 19 virus and its rapid spread into a pandemic. Almost all countries and all major economies in the world are still suffering from the effects today. The Chinese economy benefited from the government’s strict preventive and control measures and was soon able to return to positive growth and return to normal economic operations. Thanks to this rapid recovery of the domestic economy, the entire Group experienced strong demand.  

With 36,000 machines sold for the completed fiscal year 2022, Haitian International recorded total sales of RMB 12.3 billion.

Numerical Overview


1,930 Mio. USD

Total Revenues in 2022

689 Mio. USD

Total Revenues of Export in 2022


Employees worldwide

36,000 Machines

Total delivered Machines in 2022

1,120,000 SQM

Production Area

1,550,000 SQM

Total Area coverage

Graphical Overview


Revenue 2022 (Mio. RMB)

Share price

Sales by region 2022

Delivered machines in 2022